Truck 1 retired

On January 1, 2011, our new minipumper was put into service and old Truck 1 was decommissioned after 31 years and thousands of runs.

From 1979 to 1996 Truck 1 did everything and responded on every run. In 1996 we got our engine which took a big workload off Truck 1. In 2001 we added Brush 5 and Truck 1 took a little more weight off. It was still the busy bee of the department responding to medical calls, auto accidents, and anything else short of a house fire.

In early 1990, on one of my first runs with the department, Truck 1 was enroute to Huron to look for a lost child. As we passed through Williams we were disregarded as the child had been found. On the outskirts of Williams someone switch to the auxiliary gas tank, and the truck sputtered and died. It eventually started and got back to the station. Apparently they had had a long standing problem with the fuel tanks switching. So much so that they had started to install an manual valve to switch the tanks.

On the night of Bedford-North Lawrence's 1990 state basketball championship I went down to the station to see what the problem was with the truck. After some electrical troubleshooting I found the problem. The power wire for the auxiliary tank switching wasn't plugged into the fuse box! I plugged it in and the switching system worked fine for the next 21 years.

Truck 1 always had a moody fuel system. We had problems with vapor lock. The carburetor always seemed just not quite right. Over the years it received electrical upgrades, facelifts, and a refurb in 2002. Towards the end Truck 1 started showing its age. I think we spent more money on repairs in the last year of its service than the first thirty.

It's always a little sad to see old fire trucks go, especially the one that's been the department's quarterback for so long. We spent 30 years improving it and it only took one night to strip it.

Rest easy, old friend.

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